Meditation is a powerful and thoroughly researched tool that works well alongside other therapeutic interventions. Meditation has been clearly linked to decreased anxiety, improved immune function, better emotional regulation, enhanced empathy, increased feelings of happiness and contentment, decreased stress effects, and relapse prevention for depression. Given the strength of the research, recommending meditation as part of the treatment for anxiety or stress is very common and is often done so just as routinely as suggesting exercise.


There are many factors that pose barriers to healing like stress, anxiety, inflammation, and chronic stressors. Clearly, there are forms of meditation practice that can help people cope with ailments. Just like a car or any machine for that matter needs servicing, in a similar way meditation is like the servicing of the mind-body complex. The clearer one’s consciousness, the more one’s sense of well-being increases. Healing Meditation is an exercise of focus and mental relaxation, which has its origins in ancient Indian tradition.


The hypnosis provided is always done in the short-term, anywhere from just one session up to four sessions within a brief period of time (for example one session weekly for four consecutive weeks). Hypnosis sessions are always conducted one-on-one, never in a group. This helps to focus on the issues that are unique to each individual. During hypnosis the critical factor of the conscious mind has been bypassed, allowing access to the subconscious mind. The conscious mind, the mind you are consciously aware of, the critical part of the mind, only constitutes 10-15% of who you are. 


Self-Hypnosis Pendulum is a useful tool for achieving deep meditation and self-improvement. In fact, it is existent way to connect with powers and intelligence beyond the physical. Open your subconscious mind, the origin of most our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is also the source of creativity, imagination and intuition. Begin amazing trip into depth of your mind by means of magic fluctuations of a pendulum and fantastically realistic scenes: – Deep Cave – Infinite Road – Space Silence. A large number of settings will allow finding just yours unique way to self-perfection. The application is recommended to only individuals well familiar with technics of self-hypnosis and meditation.


Past life regression meditation is a higher-level meditation which brings to your subconscious mind reveals all the realities of life. The purpose of past-life regression meditation is to take a person in a trance state. Our subconscious mind has the memory of many past life events and if one can reach in the trans state he or she can tell everything about the past life, in-between life and many more in the instruction of a master. Past life regression meditation is done for entering a person into past lives in past life therapy. Past life therapy is a psychological therapy which can heal many physical, mental, emotional and psychological diseases.